What Prompted Our Launch?           Accountability. Being tokenized at work. Lack of representation. Pay inequity.  
Microaggressions. Lack of advancement opportunities. Wrongful terminations. 
Discrimination. Bias + racism (intentional and unintentional). Lack of respect in the workplace. 
Moving goalposts. Psychological safety. Fear. Workplace trauma. Obscurity of the marginalized. 
Exhaustion. Solidarity. Self-preservation. Ineffective leadership. Complicit employees. 
Systemic oppression in the workplace. Systemic change. Hostile work environments. 
Sunken places. Fake-happy company culture. Justice. Getting a fair shot.  
Lack of progress. Artificial empowerment. Ineffective employee resource groups. 
Ineffective DEI consultants. Gaslighting. The 1st amendment. Antiracism. The lack of meritocracy. Insider baseball.